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ALF-BanCo base 4.0 offers you manage your account including sales display and much more.



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ALF-BanCo Basis

ALF-BanCo as free Bankingsoftware offers everything you need for your financial transactions as private user base 4.0. The license for the freeware version is approved for a user. You can thus manage your own account and make, for example, when ordering in the Internet single wires. With the Saldenabfrage you can find out all about your current account balance and not constantly leave for account statements for your bank. ALF-BanCo base 4.0 lets you so ways to save and thus also precious time. In the ALF-BanCo basis all sales of your account in different categories are displayed. So you're always up-to-date informed and have all transactions at a glance. In the section of your account, ALF-BanCo base 4.0 offers you the complete account management including a chip card support for all popular card reader. An advantage of the ALF-BanCo base 4.0 is the additional opportunity to unlock your locked PIN using a PUK. However, should you always look at your secret numbers.

Sales, ALF-BanCo shows you basic 4.0 all payments up to 14 lines in the intended use. Therefore, no information is lost and you have all inputs and outputs always under control. In addition you can assign individual categories your sales, in order to keep a better overview. Sales search then helps you to locate individual payments by using the categories listed. ALF-BanCo base 4.0 allows you also to export all information on your PC and print. You can thus create an expression of all sales of the last 90 days. Such a statement, you can also print out your current account balance.

You can download here free of charge basis 4.0 ALF-BanCo in us. You start the download by clicking on the download button.

The most important functions of the ALF-BanCo base 4.0

• common ways to TAN.
• Balances - and sales query
• Individual transfers
• PIN using a PUK unlock
• up to 14 lines in the
• Store sales of the last 90 days

The history of the ALF-BanCo base 4.0

The ALF-BanCo Bankingsoftware developed base of ALF AG aiming, a free way to manage your account from home available to private users. ALF-BanCo is based in the version 4.0 the latest. Some features, like the unlocking of the PIN have become available only in the latest version. The software is continuously further developed and kept up to date.

Description of the version: ALF-BanCo Basis

ALF-BanCo base offers you a way to test 60 days for the full versions. The current version 4 has a number of innovations, including a budget planning, a day money comparison, a security management and a DTA Wizard. Continues to support the new version of ALF-BanCo base a TAN entry via the mouse, but also letters and special characters are supported. Other innovations concern the processing of sales, payments, reports, account management etc.

New features of the latest version of ALF-BanCo base 4.0.4

• includes a budget plan and a day money comparison
• a securities administration and included a DTA Wizard
• Improvements in the processing of sales, payments, account management, evaluations, etc.

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