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With alcohol 120% you can not only copy DVDs and store them on your PC. Free download!



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Alcohol 120%

Alcohol 120% is the revolution of the burning software. With alcohol 120% you get the multimedia world to your home.

As one of the best burning programs it not only copied CDs and DVDs. It also allows you to emulate drives and files. But it can do even more: included is also completely new pre mastering-software alcohol Xtra.

Take advantage of the benefits of alcohol 120%! Now you have to no longer store your CDs and DVDs in shelves or cabinets. With alcohol you can simply save all 120% on your computer? And it's worth. Because you save not only plenty of room with alcohol 120%, but can call much faster your files, as if this were possible from your CD drive. At the same time, you save a lot of electricity, which is above all then be noticeable when you're traveling with a laptop.

With alcohol 120%, you deal every copy protection. Try it out! Can you burn no CDs and DVDs, because copy protection is too hard? With alcohol, this problem of the past belongs to 120%. Because now, you simply copy your files with the protection. Alcohol 120% stores movies, music files and more easily on your computer, where you can use them without restriction. All you need is a virtual drive where you can retrieve your files. And that is of course also included of this professional burning program.

Alcohol 120% gives you a lot more features

• up to 31 virtual drives
• also, BluRay and HD DVD copy
• Copies can be stored on the PC
• reach other PCs CDs and DVDs to access
• 200 times faster loading times
• uch protected files can be copied

Alcohol 120% - burning software that can do more

The burning program comes from the home alcohol software. It is paid and much larger counterpart of alcohol 52%. Successful programme was alcohol 100% that already has helped many people, space-saving way to archive copy-protected CDs and DVDs. The current version is It was published in February 2010. If you want to know the rich functionality of alcohol 120% alone, you can download a free trial version with us. It is valid for 15 days. Then you can the version easily to the fully usable full version upgrade. Convince yourself of the benefits of alcohol 120%. You'll never want to use for burning and copying another program.

Description of the version: Alcohol 120%

With version 7.0 of alcohol you are building 120% image files from CDs or DVDs easily. Also Blu-rays are now supported. You can then burn it. After starting the program alcohol wraps a virtual drive 120% in the computer system, which you can easily open images of a wide variety of formats. Also direct 1:1 copies of your data discs be read without error along with the sub-channels. Windows 7 can be operated with the new version.

Alcohol 120%, quickly and easily create backup copies

• Image files from CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray authoring and burning
• Open all known kinds of image files
• No circumvention of copy protection mechanisms possible

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