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Album cover Finder provides information from the network in your iTunes library.



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Album Cover Finder

Nothing says the cover images of albums or singles that you have saved as an MP3 file on your computer, purely visually. You can change that with album cover Finder. Album cover Finder has a direct access to the databases of the Internet retailer Amazon. This is album cover Finder in able to search for the desired cover as well as additional interesting information on the net. Album cover Finder downloads for example the title list, which you can open with just one click. This useful program puts all English-language comments from listeners of this music, which has released Amazon, also on your hard drive. If you have information about the next tours of your stars, you get these also supplied from album cover Finder. Album cover Finder not only stores all of this data, they are automatically linked to your iTunes library.

Album cover Finder user interface is simple and easy to use. You have to enter only the artist and the name of the album, the album cover Finder to get the additional information you. Also, you must of course provide an existing Internet connection. Album cover Finder immediately begins using this information to browse the databases from Amazon after all available images and additional information.

If you want to try out album cover Finder, a free trial version for download on the Internet is available. You're away so just a click away. Press the download button and follow the instructions on your screen. You can use 15 minutes with fully-functional demo version of the software, then it automatically turns into a Lite version with limited capabilities.

The features of album cover Finder

• Access to Amazon
• Link with iTunes
• stores artwork
• save playlists
• stores comments (Engl.)
• saves tour dates

System requirements and download

Album cover Finder is designed for Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems and requires the presence of iTunes. In addition, the program requires an existing Internet connection to accommodate his work. The size of the download file for the demo version is 4.0 MB and the download is running quickly. After 15 minutes of full utilisation possibilities, functionality is limited to find cover images and save.

Description of the version: Album Cover Finder

With the album cover Finder version 7.0 for iTunes can you due to a better search function now more album art to your music find that are automatically saved in your music list. In addition, you will receive additional information about the artist. Pertinent information appear instantly friends, while a certain song titles in iTunes is running. The album cover Finder cover also automatically searches, if they are missing.

Data, facts and advantages to version 7.0:

• free demo version available
• Full version costs purchased
•Improve search engine for album cover, music news, concerts, song lists and videos
• Automatic album-cover search
• Exposed information, while song titles
• no spyware and malware

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