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With the AkkuLine battery tool, you can keep the performance of the notebook battery at a glance.



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AkkuLine Batterie Tool

The program AkkuLine battery tool tests the performance of your notebook battery. Thus, you will get the most important information and can better assess the State of charge. In addition to the level indicator, the software provides additional information.

With the AkkuLine battery tool you can check the values of your notebook battery and can estimate so, he is still as powerful. First the software shows the type and the manufacturer of your batteries. There, in an emergency, you can order a spare battery or require help. As with a normal operating system, you will get also the indication of the level of the battery. So you always know how long you can still work with the battery. To the analysis of the battery, the Akkuline battery offers you tool or other functions.

You may have to show you, for example, a history of each loading operation. So you know how often the battery was already claimed and how durable it is. The cost of each loading you calculate just with the AkkuLine battery tool. With the program you know how you can make better use of the existing energy and how will drain the battery always. Thus, you can better save the supercharged power. More options to save of the battery energy can you add switch for other programs.

The AkkuLine battery tool was developed to ensure the monitoring of the notebook power. You can find all important information about the battery through the various cycles. You estimate how long the battery is still running and what costs a charge. With the built-in Calculator you can calculate the existing performance. Thus the comparison is you easier, whether is worth the purchase of a new battery. Also you can read about the software, whether the battery is charged too much.

Description of the version: AkkuLine Batterie Tool

The current version of the AkkuLine battery tools is at the same time the basic version and provides all important information about the notebook battery. A simple dialog box, you can keep all information at a glance. You can see which manufacturer, the battery is and what chemical properties it owns. Button you can find battery recording data about the current charging cycle. All loading operations are recorded in the history, where you can calculate the costs.

The most important functions in the AkkuLine battery tool 1.0

• Get to know type and manufacturer of the notebook battery
• Keep all information about a dialog at a glance
• Use the battery recording field for the current charging cycle
• Calculate cost in the history

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