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AirSnare detects unauthorized access to a Wi-Fi and notifies the administrator.



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Detects unauthorized access in Wi-Fi and informed.

Wi-Fi is a fine thing: as long as you are in range of your access point, you can go online without cable and access the Internet. But that can be the problem if your access point is not appropriately secured. Without that you know it, foreign users can use your access and go to the Internet. Unless you have installed AirSnare. AirSnare is a software that protects your online account and your router against unauthorized access. While AirSnare can immediately prevent access, or you can send a message to unauthorized users. In any case, all activities are logged by AirSnare so that you can understand, so making the unauthorized user.

AirSnare operates based on the MAC address. Any device that works in a network has a MAC address. It is almost uniquely identify a network card and is issued by this. AirSnare now uses the MAC address to determine whether a user on your network is well known and approved, or whether it is an intruder. You have to enter all your own equipment at AirSnare MAC addresses and thus acquaint them of the software. And that goes for really all devices, so both PCs, notebooks, game consoles and network printers. This is the so-called "friendly MAC address list".

All MAC addresses that are not on this list are considered "unfriendly" and thus constitute an attack on access. Such unauthorized access you will notified via an alarm message, where you can use the acoustic system messages as well as your own notes here. Did you open AirSnare at just the moment, you will be pointed out also visually unauthorized access. Such access, you can then decide what to do. You can track about AirSnare, which IP addresses are called by the intruder, however you can not directly see the Web pages themselves. And via the old module you can send computer message to the IP address, which is unjustified in your network.

Features of AirSnare:

• Protection for Wi-Fi networks against unauthorized use
• works on the MAC address
• distinguishes between known and unknown MAC addresses
• requires a Windows operating system to install
• about the old module can be sent messages
• is freeware, but a small donation to the developers is seen like

About AirSnare:

AirSnare is a so-called Beggarware. Beggarware is free freeware, but the developers ask for a donation (donation). The software has since 2002 on the market and was developed by digital matrix.

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