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Aircrack-ng decrypts the password to your WPA or WEP secured WLAN network.



  • License: Shareware
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Aircrack-ng is a very useful tool, that can easily decrypt passwords from wireless networks. If so, your access data to your Wi-Fi network should be gone, then download the program here and know what your password is.

This is all already happened to us: we have forgotten the access to our wireless network and come only across the good old network cable into the network. And that can be sometimes quite annoying and impractical. No wonder we have so many different customer accounts and as many related passwords, that we do not all of us can remember. A password is forgotten when this amount of different access data quickly. Or the piece of paper with the important data will be lost. Annoying if it's such an important password! So what if I more don't have access to my wireless network? What to do if I can't remember the password? There are the free software called Aircrack-ng!

Aircrack-ng is a small tool that allows you to decrypt the security code to your Wi-Fi network quickly and easily. The software works with all wireless networks that are secured using WEP or WPA. Unfortunately it does not work (yet) to WPA2 encrypted wireless networks. Aircrack-ng runs on all recent Windows operating systems (Win 2000, win XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7). English is the language of the software.

The tool is very useful, but please use it for private purposes only. Aircrack-ng should not be used to gain access to foreign wireless networks. Hacking into foreign networks is pirated, and remains a criminal offence!
For home use, the tool can be useful but and can bring back some lost safety data.

Description of the version: Aircrack-ng

This version, which was released in April 2010 is the first version that is available. The licensing was made about the GNU General Public License and thus the software is available free of charge. The tool runs on Linux operating systems properly, but also with Windows (XP, 2000, Vista and 7) compatible. The system language is English, other languages are not yet available. The surface of the tool is practical and clearly designed. The size of the file is a total 4.3 MByte.

The most important properties of Aircrack-ng

• This is a Wi-Fi security tool.
• Free and GPL licensed
• Compatible with Windows and Linux
• The file size is 4.23 MB
• Interface language is English

Aircrack-ng installer aircrack-ng aircrack-ng

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