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AIDA64 is a useful analysis tool for hardware components and their drivers.



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There are many ways in which you can gather the names and parameters of the installed hardware and installed software components of your PC. The useful tool AIDA64 thereby saved you the read the manual.

Many PC users don't know which hardware components were actually installed in your computer, not to mention their capabilities and parameters. In-house systems provide information about it, but these are often only hard to use and difficult to find. Also you can not perform software detections with Hardwareerkennungs systems, remedy creates the Analyzer AIDA64. The program is not as a freeware version available, however, you can use a 30 days-limited shareware version of AIDA64 to be broken down by hardware and software components.

These tools are practical especially if you are looking for new drivers or want to replace old hardware. In the case, it is important to research what is possible but only if you know, for example, the exact type of the motherboard or the processor strength compatibility of new parts and attractive offers. The program offers you also a Startup Manager, you can easily prevent booting the driver of some unnecessary components and upgrade your computers performance. In addition, you can remove old software with AIDA64 and then search for new drivers, to improve the compatibility of the hardware with each other.

The number of AIDA and also the latest version AIDA64 are especially known for the clarity and the exact breakdown of individual parameters and software data. AIDA64 is a good investment for every PC user looking over the data in its computer parts, always an overview!

Description of the version: AIDA64

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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