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Ahnenblatt helps you to search for your ancestors. The application is self explanatory.



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Ahnenblatt is a software for various Windows operating systems. The free program allows you to create the pedigree of your own family. Numerous search possibilities are available, to get your family on the trail's history.

The application of the Ahnenerbe sheet software is very simple. You can find a clear dialogue and a simple navigation that you can control with the mouse. You have the possibility to add source information, notes, and images. Ahnenblatt you can take on different lists you, to store your research results in various file formats. In addition, you can print out the lists as tables. You can determine the shape of the printing itself thereby for example restrict the mother line. Ahnenblatt gives you the ability to easily import GEDCOM files. The full-text search is especially comfortable. The software can be used in 18 different languages.

You can export all the lists you've created with Ahnenblatt, finishing in the word processor. Also an export to HTML format is possible. To achieve a uniform presentation of your research results, you can "adjust the function data" or use "Find and replace". Thus, you care for a unification of spellings, for example. The integrated plausibility checks automatically tracks input errors or illogical connections.

You have the possibility to merge multiple ancestors files into a family with Ahnenblatt. Also you can delete either individuals or whole groups of people if necessary. The display of statistics gives you a perfect overview of your research results. Also, Ahnenblatt offers you the possibility to create family and birthday lists. You can choose whether the program should provide the title of the list or if you want to name them individually. So this free software offers excellent opportunities to get your own roots on the track. Ahnenblatt is a free program. You need only click the button "Download" and follow the installation instructions on the screen. Then, you can start already after a short time with your genealogy.

Description of the version: Ahnenblatt

Ahnenblatt is a free software to create your family tree, which is now available for the USB stick and as an APP. Known problems with the pedigree and the master Board were removed in the version 2.64. In addition, you can transfer all the data from the software now also on your Palm PDA. The different language versions were extended to Norwegian and Portuguese. Languages in the main menu can now be changed via keyboard shortcuts from Windows 2000. Also smaller application bugs have been fixed and the software has been optimized as a whole.

Key features of Ahnenblatt version 2.64:

• Clear input dialog
• Importing GEDCOM files
• Expression of ancestral and master boards
• Bringing together multiple pedigrees for a family
• Plausibility check on input errors
• Supports multiple file formats

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