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2.0 Agent core components is especially for computer newbies very helpful.



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  • Updated: 25.10.2013

Agent Core Components

Finding a file in Windows XP or in Microsoft Word you went determined once the dog or the little clip on the way. Your computer is done so correctly interactively through these small agents. Agent 2.0 core components has many different features. You can use these to all your different needs. 2.0 Agent core components based on a so-called free license. This license allows you to download from the homepage. Download Agent 2.0 core components you must pay even nothing, if the availability to end.

Most find the very helpful agent as a nuisance, but especially the computer novice can benefit core components from the Agent 2.0. If you have a computer for the first time and you find at all right, these little helpers on the side stand. The menus work on the computer for inexperienced rather daunting, because they're afraid to do something wrong. 2.0 Agent core components takes any fear and takes you step by step through the system. For example a speaking plasma cloud or a colorful Parrot under the arms will attack you. They show you in Agent 2.0 core components the individual steps.

Agent 2.0 core components is not only for computer beginners. Also advanced can take components, any time the help of Agent 2.0 core. It is very easy to use and the little helpers have always have an answer for you. With Agent 2.0 core components you actually not more much runs do. You get detailed instructions and advice from you. If you no longer need this wizard, you can disable it again. However, it is always good to know that you can always activate his Adviser if you need his help. You can choose between different Wizard, which should help you. And if you want to choose for a new, you can replace core components in Agent 2.0 by another.

Improvements at a glance

Characters speaking •
• Respond to your voice (in English only) characters
• Assistance in each step
• Guided tour of the extensive applications
• Comprehensive handling
• Ease of use

What operating system do you need?

To use 2.0 agent core components on your computer, you will need Windows 2003/XP/NT/2000 / ME / 98SE / 98 or 65. For 2.0 agent core components you will need a place of 391 KB.

Description of the version: Agent Core Components

The current version of agent core components the design of agent offers manufacturers of computer programs. These represent a helpful support for newcomers to work with the computer or the appropriate program. It can be designed animated characters, for example in the form of a parrot. The resulting agents guide the user step by step through the program.

The functions of the agent core components 2.0

• Creation of agents according to their own needs and ideas.
• Interactive assistance for the users of your programs.
• Agents roam freely on the desktop, speak and can understand even voice inputs.

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