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Relaxed play the advanced warp screensaver reminds you with water and mud.



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Advanced Warp Screensaver

Screen work is exhausting and stressful on one side. Sometimes you're a thinking blockade, the concentration decreases and you have no new ideas: A break with some distraction due to the advanced warp screensaver helps to draw new strength and let the thoughts flow again. In the Control Panel on your PC, you can adjust amount of time of inactivity on the keyboard and the mouse you your advanced warp screensaver a break remembered. If you need a break, you can just keep typing or press the mouse, the advanced warp screensaver will disappear and you can continue to work immediately.

Except the advanced warp screensaver is still more screensavers in a wide selection. Some are pre-installed in your operating system and you can enable it from the control panel and adapt to your personal needs and preferences. In addition, there is a wide selection of screen savers on the Internet and you can find always something new you download. New visual impressions are motivating and increase creativity.

If you like flowing movements, is the advanced warp screensaver but might be just the thing for you. After the preset time the advanced begin warp screensaver, to make the characters on your desktop like pouring water or a dense gas: text, numbers and images are blurred, melt and swirl messy. In addition, you can control the flow in the advanced warp screensaver with the mouse. Advanced warp screensaver reminds you of relaxed playing in the water and mud on the river or on the beach.

Advanced warp screensaver offers:

• Realistic simulation of a flow
• User-defined modeling
• Five different types of flow
• Influencing the flow through mouse pulses
• Chaotic flows
• Additional effects after registration

Download the advanced warp screensaver and set up:

A trial version of advanced warp screensaver that you can download and activate from the control panel of your PC in minutes directly from this page. Advanced warp screensaver reminds you of the registration. For a fee of a few dollars, you can purchase a professional version with additional interesting effects. Regular updates with new program features are offered to you, and if you have questions about the setup of the program, you can advise you via email.

Description of the version: Advanced Warp Screensaver

The latest version of the advanced warp screensaver is to a very unusual screensaver. Its special feature is changing the desktop experience. This means specifically that the saver is the impression the desktop was liquid. If you move the mouse, the screen reacts with the realistic behavior of liquid and the image curls. You can choose between 5 different effects as violent storm or resolve it.

The main features of advanced warp Screensaver 2.0

• Realistic representation of fluid on the desktop.
• Choice of 5 different effects such as such as storm.
• Free combined effects or random playback.

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