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With the advanced renamer portable you can rename files quickly and easily.



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Advanced Renamer Portable

If you have lots of data on the computer and also on several different computers working under circumstances it's easy to lose track. With the advanced renamer portable you can rename files consistently and clearly.

Especially if one is on the road a lot and used various computer to perform tasks, it is important that one quickly finds many of the required files. It has saved the files under different names might very expensive, to find them and keep track.

In such cases, the advanced renamer portable offers you the right solution. With him you can rename easily any file. For this, you need to drag just file drag and drop in the program and then edit. To better structure, you can add for example, numbers in the file names or add the name of the folder. But also many other options available, thanks to the clearly arranged menus, you will quickly experience the different options. If you have fear, that by renaming the file extension lost, so you should try before "Test batch" the operation by the command. Everything is going well, completed the process with 'Start batch process'. Within a short time, all desired files are processed and are now under the new name.

A great advantage of the advanced renamer portable is that USB flash drive fits due to its small size on each and thus can be launched on any computer. For this, you need to first install the program, but can start directly with the granting of tasks. Total using the advanced renamer is a significant acceleration and simplification of work portable.

Description of the version: Advanced Renamer Portable

You can use the latest version of the advanced renamer portable with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. While the program on the hard disk or the USB stick with 1.2 MByte occupies very little space. Compared to the previous versions some errors corrected and optimized commands. Also some updates ensure an improvement of the translation of the application into different languages. The latest version of the advanced renamer portable is available as freeware for free download.

Improvements in the new version advanced renamer portable 3.02

• Optimized operation and user interface
• Improved functions and clear structured commands
• Repair of damaged and faulty data
• Improvement of the translation into different languages

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