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Advanced renamer is a useful cleanup and structuring tool for file names.



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Advanced Renamer

Over time more and more files on the hard disk accumulate, which exhibit a similar or almost identical names. Who is out there? Advanced renamer offers remedy.

Advanced renamer offers many innovative features and functions, if you want to unravel the data clutter on your computer. Because programs and file names can be easily sorted by name using the freeware program and renamed if necessary. Also the advanced renamer pretends useful extensions, for example, by the insertion of the number of the folder or directory you, so that you can more easily distinguish files. It is also possible to rename the old files more creative, but suffers from the structuring of data records including often. Therefore you should you decide always whether renaming the files is really necessary or even their removal would be more sensible to bring more order into gridlocked file structures.

But deleting should be selected only as a last option if you need the files every now and then and have still has enough disk space, flag the PC not to make. If it is confusing with the name of the file, then you can try before "Test batch" the effects of the change of name by the advanced renamer function, without definitively assigning the change. The program also warns you if the name change any file extensions no longer detected by and so that an automatic program selection is impossible. The program provides a comprehensive interface and can be adequately controlled. It is a useful tool for every PC user who likes clearly and easily findable would put his files, without before starting a lengthy Explorer search.

Description of the version: Advanced Renamer

The new advanced Renamer version 3.02 offers several advantages over previous versions of the program. A new and improved interface improved the clarity of the freeware program user friendly. The already rapid functioning of the program was significantly accelerated by software optimization and the removal of annoying bugs. Also the version 3.02 new features and more creative name suggestions as the predecessor of the advanced Renamers.

The most important innovations of the advanced Renamers in the version 3.02

• Removed bugs and errors of the previous versions
• New, optimized program structure
• Improved and simplified user interface
• More features for a more user friendly application of the programme

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