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Advanced IP scanner is a help with the remote feature for network administrators.



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Advanced IP Scanner

Advanced IP scanner is able to provide you with a list of all of the workstations logged on the network within a few seconds. While a number of very useful technical information about the respective computers provides you advanced IP scanner and here you can show you all the necessary for you information on your desktop. Learn about the processes on a workstation connected to the local network, you must leave your workplace.

Advanced IP scanner can do even more. The remote capability built into advanced IP scanner allows you to control each connected desktop. Thus the opportunity for user problems to a workstation to intervene immediately, without that you don't have to leave your own workplace offers advanced IP scanner. Thus you can access with advanced IP scanner, for example, to Telnet, FTP, and HTTP server of a connected computer. Also the ability to connect to other workstations offers advanced IP scanner. The function that you can check user names and passwords is also in advanced IP scanner. Advanced IP scanner user interface is very simple and functional design. Here, you get a wizard to monitor the local network that is well structured and can be used immediately without any prior knowledge.

Advanced IP scanner is a free full version that you can install on your computer. If you want to download this practical helper, you should now click on the download button. You then simply follow the instructions step by step carried out on your screen, and can work quickly with the program. The download file size is so small that the installation is only a matter of seconds and at all does not affect your system resources. Your work as a network administrator for a local network can make it but certainly significantly easier.

The features of advanced IP scanner

• Low disk space
• For all LAN networks
• Telnet, FTP and HTTP server suitable
• Integrated remote function
• Technical information about connected computer
• Password and user name monitoring

System requirements and download

Advanced IP scanner is designed for the Windows operating systems Windows 95, Windows 98 and 98SE, Windows ME, Windows NT, and Windows XP. This free software download size is only 307 kilobytes. You can see the memory requirements for this program so confidently.

Description of the version: Advanced IP Scanner

In the latest version of advanced IP scanner, LAN scanner for Windows was improved and made faster. You can get information about your network and all computers are connected on the local network. All devices are scanned in about multi-threading and you can enforce a remote shutdown with a click of the mouse. It allows you to control the important functions of the devices over the network.

Important innovations in advanced IP scanner version 1.5

• Improved and faster scanning.
• Information on all computers in the network.
• Forcing a shutdown.
• Control the main functions of connected devices.

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