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The Adobe Shockwave Player can play especially interactive content on Web pages. Free download!



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Adobe Shockwave Player

With Adobe Shockwave Player you mainly access to online games, any entertainment in 3D, but also on product demos or even online learning applications. More precisely, the Adobe Shockwave Player displays content created with the Macromedia Director Shockwave Studio program. So is the Adobe Shockwave Player so especially for those Internet users who have to do much with multimedia content. But not who by us in these times now?

If you so always have asked you why you can not play certain content on the Internet and you repeatedly about the message got annoyed, is that to play the correct plug ins missing, you were not sure simply able to install Adobe Shockwave Player. The best thing about the Adobe Shockwave Player is that you can install it on your Windows as well as on your Mac computer and it fits with a 4.18 MB still pretty good on your hard disk space. At a pinch you can however even between a "slim"-(so a smaller) and a "full" version (as the name implies: full version) select. After the installation, which is done with a few clicks, and restart your browser nothing more in the way should be with the Adobe Shockwave Player then the new Internet fun. Because the Adobe Shockwave Player is characterized by a particularly low loading time compared to other players.

If you're thinking that the Adobe Shockwave player in all these ways will sure cost something, you're wrong: you can download at any time and free of charge the Adobe Shockwave player in the current version - again and again.

Benefits of Adobe Shockwave player in the overview:

• provides access to multimedia content
• Choice between "Slim"- and "full" version
• available for Windows and Mac
• low disk space
• free of charge
• low loading time

The wallpapers

Meanwhile, there are more than 390 million users worldwide who no longer want the versatility of the player. However, software developers and companies that want to use the Adobe Shockwave Player for their intranets, must purchase a license for the program. The content that can be played with the robust Adobe Shockwave Player, can be used by the way now worldwide by 52% of Internet users and that mainly in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

Description of the version: Adobe Shockwave Player

The latest version of Shockwave Player is waiting with impressive new features. The player is integrated into the Google toolbar, to guarantee best possible service to you. 3D-Webspiele in a user friendly view can be represented through optimized records. Interactive product descriptions and online learning applications are brought to you in high quality. The player is Web-enabled and installed already on millions of desktop computers on all browsers.

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