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With the program Adobe Fireworks CS5 you can for the Web image material create and optimize.



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Adobe Fireworks

Program Adobe Fireworks CS5, you can very quickly create wireframes. You can add any these wireframes in the Adobe Fireworks CS5 with symbols, graphics and texts. Bitmap and vector tools available are friends for this. With magnetic guides in the Adobe Fireworks CS5, you can align inserted pages. Finally, you have the option to convert your design into a PDF format.

With Adobe Fireworks CS5, you find elements for forms, graphics, animations and text symbols in the library. You can design your own symbols in the Adobe Fireworks CS5. You can design surfaces with imported bitmaps, or on the basis of various vector objects for rich Internet applications. You can interactively simulate the behavior of objects in the Adobe Fireworks CS5. The vector objects in the program Adobe Fireworks CS5 are rendered at screen resolutions. As a result, you have the advantage that you can at any time change these vector objects. After this change, the vector objects are automatically rendered. The text engine function in the program Adobe Fireworks CS5 gives you the ability to produce first class Typografien. Double-byte characters can be added here easily. If you want to shorten the development phase in the program Adobe Fireworks CS5, you can export a clickable and multi-page websites as a CSS layout.

The program Adobe Fireworks CS5, you can work faster and more effectively with powerful options. These powerful options include the handling of icons, bitmaps, and vector graphics, the placement of design elements as well as the Save and open files. You can complete websites in the Fireworks CS5 over the page range equipment and link. On all sides, you can change the master page layout changes. In addition, standing in the program of fireworks CS5 a style pallet available. Here you can create your own style. In the program Adobe Fireworks CS5, you can export your graphics in applications such as Adobe Flash, Dreamweaver, etc..

Overview of the features of Adobe Fireworks CS5

• Wireframes for Web sites
• Transparent Web graphics
• Intuitive tools for screen graphics
• Productivity tools for developers
• Optimized font processing
• CSS - and HTML-export

About Adobe

The American company of Adobe Systems by John Warnock and Charles Geschke was founded in 1982. Behind the House of one of the founders of the River with the name Adobe runs Creek. Thus, the company has received its name. In 2005, Adobe bought the company Macromedia.

Description of the version: Adobe Fireworks

The current version of the Adobe Fireworks can come up with some very impressive and important innovations. New are for example the integration with Adobe Device Central and workflow support for applications in the Adobe Flash platform. Also the software procedures now also has a pixel accurate rendering, so you can create perfect degrees. With the new design templates are now several inspirations available.

The most important innovations in the current version of Adobe Fireworks

• Workflow support for applications in the Adobe Flash platform
• Support Adobe Swatch Exchange
• Integration with Adobe Device Central
• Improving the performance

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