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Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 is an editor that is worthwhile especially for professional developers.



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Adobe Dreamweaver CS5

If you are professionally involved in the field of Web design or Web programming, Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 the right software for you. Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 runs both on the OS Max OS X and Microsoft Windows. For Linux, there is currently still no port, but this is not ruled out for the future. You can work with Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 either in the code or the graphical design view and take advantage of many powerful testing tools. You can integrate content-management-systems in the development.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 is a so-called closed-source software and thus available for a fee. In contrast to other commercial products in this area, an "ordinary" HTML-code can be generated with Adobe Dreamweaver CS5. If you want to edit existing HTML pages with Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, the code it is as little as possible changed. You can with this very clearly edit Editor Web pages and take advantage of features such as the auto-completion and color coding. Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 offers a variety of functions and tools for scripting languages such as JavaScript and PHP.

With Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, you can check very exactly how and whether the browser compatibility is given. You can use the so-called BrowserLab, which is integrated by default. Hereby you can test Web pages in multiple browsers and operating systems. The comparison is especially clear here: with the advantage of Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 you can view individually, side by side or one above the other the individual browser views. Thus, a pixel-accurate comparison is possible.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 - the most important functions at a glance:

• new and improved CSS Starter pages
• Adobe BrowserLab
• FLV files can be imported
• Integrated support for CMS
• simplified creation of sites
• Support for PHP programming

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 - information on the history

In December 1997, the first version of Dreamweaver on the market appeared. It was developed only for Mac OS were. In March 1998, followed a version of Microsoft Office. The software was originally developed by Macromedia, but today is distributed by Adobe Systems. The latest version, Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, has since April 2010 on the market. According to Adobe systems work more than 3.2 million users with a Dreamweaver product.

Description of the version: Adobe Dreamweaver CS5

The current version of the Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 can come up with many new and useful improvements. Integrated support for content management systems and the flexible single - turn off CSS properties are important improvements of the new version of this software. The optimized site setup and the revised CSS Starter layout facilitate the site creation and support you in the implementation of your creative ideas. Furthermore, now also site-specific code hints are offered.

The most important innovations of the Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 in version 2010

• improved support of subversion
• easier and user-specific site setup
• Integrated support for content management systems
• new and improved CSS validation
• is the integration with Adobe BrowserLab new

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