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The Adobe DNG Converter can make all raw files into a single, forever readable format.



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Adobe DNG Converter

All with different and partly own, file formats work various camera manufacturers in the market. There is not a common standard format for the output of files. The Adobe DNG Converter will now bring the agreement.

The DNG Converter from Adobe first tries to find an agreement on the issue of "Storing and reading raw files". Through the different formats, the issue increasingly occurs that software vendors can take into consideration all specifications and some software for various image formats is entirely inappropriate. The DNG Converter offers you the ability to export raw files to DNG format forever readable. Thus, a unification will be created. Thus, the acquisition of hardware and software for professional photographers is no longer a problem, because it can convert now all conceivable RAW formats through the Adobe DNG Converter in the universal DNG format.

Raw or RAW formats is the digital negative of an image. It is becoming increasingly popular, because these files provide a much higher data content to an image as E.g. an image saved in the JPG format can. This further improved the processing options in programs such as Adobe Photoshop and can be changed even more targeted. The Adobe DNG Converter guarantees the readability of the raw files for years to come. As a solution, it assumes the role of open standards for the digital negative, which takes the raw data of an image.

The DNG Converter is an Adobe product and is therefore tailored to all other products of the House and for photographers, especially in the professional sector, an indispensable tool. You the Adobe DNG Converter free download now and use the helpful functions for your photos!

Description of the version: Adobe DNG Converter

The current version of the Adobe DNG Converter did it now, that it was already taken over by multiple software vendors such as Extensis, Canto, Apple, and iView. Among the leading camera manufacturers work Hasselblad, Leica, Casio, Ricoh, and Samsung with the DNG format or compatible for it. The Adobe DNG Converter is further elaborated in comparison to the previous version and aligned on all cameras, camera manufacturers and their formats and can convert RAW formats now also increasingly.

Adobe DNG Converter off now compatible with

• Camera manufacturers such as Hasselblad, Leica, Casio
• IView software vendors such as Canto, Apple, Extensis
• many different camera models from Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Samsung, etc.

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