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Adobe Audition offers countless ways to make your own arrangements and to edit.



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Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is the professional software for recording and mixing of digital audio files.

The intuitive drag-and-drop functionality makes it easier. A new option in Adobe Audition allows the simultaneous change and save multiple clips. In settings, such as location, and file format, must be entered etc. only once. Adobe Audition keeps more than 50 audio effects for you ready, with which you can integrate an echo or a Hall, for example. You can listen to the results even before mixing. If an error happens you when recording, you can fix this easily in the file: you can replace certain places targeted in a recovery. Record you can audition with Adobe up to 80 live inputs. For all this, audition uses Adobe very little disk space.

Creating and arranging with Adobe Audition is easy: in addition to the impressive effects such as convolution reverb, numerous virtual instruments offer unlimited creative possibilities: the integrated guitar suite by Adobe Audition allows many different effects which improve the sound. You can change tempo and pitch independently. This means that a change in the pitch does not automatically the tempo entail a change. The various sorting options allow quick access to the desired files in Adobe Audition and make the work easier. Create your own playlists, listen to different versions of an arrangement, before changes in the file.

The workspace from Adobe Audition you can change your special needs: create your own toolbars by selecting the buttons, you often need. The intuitive user interface allows a quick entry into the software. The panels in the workspace can be simply grouped so that you Adobe Audition can adjust all your personal requirements.

Adobe Audition - quick reference:

• Recording, mixing, editing, and mastering arrangements
• Support for virtual instruments
• Improved multitrack editing
• Enhanced mixing and editing tools
• Restoration and correction
• For Windows XP or Windows XP current, min. 1.4 GHz processor, min. 512 MB RAM, 10 GB of disk space, DVD drive

Adobe Audition - the history of the program

Adobe Audition is the latest version of the audio editor from the House of Adobe Systems. During the mid-90s was the program, known as "Cool Edit", developed by Syntrillium. In 2003, the former version bought cool edit Pro 2.1 by Adobe Systems and under the name of Adobe Audition recorded in the number of its own products. After many further developments, the programme is since 2007 in the version Adobe Audition available.

Description of the version: Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition in the new version delivers a brilliant sound quality and has many useful features. Creating and editing of audio files is very convenient for you. You can record your own radio spots, compose own music pieces, and then also take this and professional mix. You can also edit the soundtracks for, clean up existing audio files. Virtual instruments (VSTi) are supported and can be recorded in the sequencer.

The main features of Adobe Audition version 3

• Support for virtual instruments (VSTi)
• improved multitrack editing with multi track view
• Sofortreparaturpinsel to remove unwanted background noise
• Analog delay
• various different reverb effects
• Support of multi-score systems

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