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Adobe AIR is a useful tool for Internet users who want to use applications offline.



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Adobe AIR

If you like Internet applications, what do you do when there is no Internet connection available? The most internetanwendungen are optimized for browsers and can be used only when an appropriate Internet connection, außern uses Adobe AIR.

"Adobe AIR" means the Adobe Integrated Runtime and brings useful as well entertaining Internet applications on your desktop, even without an Internet connection. In each new version of the program can be found more and more integrieren enabled functions, for example, can be the best Internet videos of known platforms or show Internet radio station thus. An important feature of the Internet, namely the route planning according to updated maps, is also possible via Adobe AIR. You need a Web browser for the application of AIR applications, the programs simply run on the desktop. This makes the applications not only attractive, but significantly simplifies the applications. However, not all Web applications on the new offline application are prepared and the data content is not applied at each site, so you can still not anywhere useful apply the program.

You will find a list of the most important applications on a specific Adobe AIR website of the software company, which is constantly being updated depending on the version. The program supports all major operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Many manufacturers of smart-TV and other television sets already think to use Adobe AIR for their operating platforms. As a result, the program in the future will play an increasingly important role and have broader functions, also because of the increasingly important role of the Internet. The freeware is a useful program for those who want to use the Internet frequently, but not always have access.

Description of the version: Adobe AIR

The freeware program Adobe AIR offers even more functionality in the latest version 2.6 and runs much faster through a comprehensive program optimization. Also the latest version will soon be available for you on a SmartTV device, so that you can also use the program. Still, was the latest version specifically support Android and iOS further improved and removed bugs and malfunctions of previous versions or modified. With the new Adobe AIR you can use even better offline online applications so as before.

The main improvements of Adobe AIR in version 2.6

• Removed bugs and errors of the previous versions
• Support for Android and iOS was further improved.
• New program structure for better mileage
• Soon on SmartTV devices available

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