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IE Adblock blocks ads (iFrames and JavaScript) while surfing with IE 8.



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Adblock IE

If you have no desire for permanent advertising, then the new plug in\r from Microsoft is the Adblock IE, just the thing for you. So, you can surf relaxed and above all ad-free with Internet Explorer 8.

Adblock IE browsing fun again: the freeware, which was developed by Microsoft for Internet Explorer 8, filters out annoying advertisements from Web sites and thus allows you an (almost) ad free surfing experience. The plug-in can filter out all the commercials and thus block, which appear with iFrames or JavaScript in various Web pages.

The Adblock IE can't block all the ads, which run with AJAX. A corresponding function should be integrated but still in the future, so that you can block these ads in the future. Generally the most commercials, where you have to count on online based however on JavaScript or iFrames, so that IE Adblock despite Alpha status will give you excellent service. The Microsoft plug-in has a file size of 2.3 megabytes and is compatible with the Windows 7 operating system. To install the Adblock IE, you need the Windows Update Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5. Plug-in, which designed specifically for Internet Explorer 8 should work just fine in Internet Explorer 7.

If you have downloaded the completely free Adblock IE, then you have to waste plug ins also worry more that, according to the motto: "install and forget". The plug-in filters out very elegant and automatically advertising. Not even downloaded the files so that the Adblock protects not only your nerves, it saves bandwidth.

Description of the version: Adblock IE

The ad blocker, which so far exists only as alpha version offers effective protection against ads that are based on JavaScript and iFrames. Plug-in from Microsoft, which developed for IE 8, was not only blocking ads, but not downloads. Once installed the ad blocker works very elegantly in the background and to filter out a significant portion of annoying advertising that would otherwise unfiltered flow to you. Only advertising medium AJAX can not block the alpha version.

The most important features of the alpha version

• Free plug ins
• Block ads via JavaScript
• Block of commercials using iFrames
• Saves bandwidth, hence no download of advertising-
• Comfortable operation

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