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Acoustica Mixcraft is the All-In-one solution for cost-conscious musician and sound engineer.



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Acoustica Mixcraft

The perfect tool for improving audio recordings.

After professional "digital audio workstations" belong to the standard equipment of many recording studios for many years, more and more amateur musicians use computer for recording and finishing their songs. This is mainly on the fact that the corresponding software constant quality has experienced a sharp price drop and is no longer more expensive than, for example, a good sound card for the PC. Acoustica Mixcraft is the outstanding example of a high-performance and low-cost home recording software.

As many instruments on an arbitrary number of audio tracks can be take up and put together in complex arrangements with Acoustica Mixcraft. Of course you can not only record your tracks with Acoustica Mixcraft but sample individual tracks, to incorporate such loops. Acoustica Mixcraft also has more than 3,300 prefabricated audio loops you can freely use for your project. Thus the tool against comparable, more expensive programs has the edge. Acoustica Mixcraft supports in addition to conventional audio-tracks MIDI and virtual instruments. You can not just high resolution save your projects with Acoustica Mixcraft, but also in the popular compressed formats.

The user interface of Acoustica Mixcraft is comparatively open and will open up after a short time to the most users without any problems. Of course, Acoustica Mixcraft possesses a powerful mixer that allows you or can mix the individual tracks. As a special highlight, Acoustica Mixcraft offers also the possibility to create simple video clips and inferior to music. With Acoustica Mixcraft you catch the comprehensive solution for your home studio home. Here we quite simply download your free trial version to test.

The features in detail

• unlimited number of audio tracks and effect slots
• more than 3,300 loops
• 22 Audio effect plug-ins and 8 virtual instrument plug-ins
• simple video editing tools
• manageable user interface
• free trial version

About Acoustica Mixcraft

The software is now in the fifth version and has blossomed into the real competitors for expensive professional solutions. This is confirmed by the numerous awards, which won the software in recent years--include for example the "value award" of the computer music and of MusicTech magazine and the "key buy award" of keyboard magazine. Acoustica Mixcraft is with Windows 7 "compatible, supported by acid and garage band loops and is already running on systems with 1-GHz processors and 2MB-RAM.

Description of the version: Acoustica Mixcraft

If you sit up in your spare time with the theme of sound and video editing, there is no way passes you on the new version of the classic Mixcraft 5. Mixcraft allows you to merge multiple video clips and add effects and soundtracks. The extensive functions of the mixer allow you the automatic control of all parameters or but the manual control every detail of your own recordings.

The main features of the new Mixcraft

• Download and edit video files
• Transitions between videos
• Add soundtrack to video projects
• Automatic control of VST effects
• Master-track allows the automatic regulation of all effects and volume
• Large Blender user interface

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