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ACEs high II is a real-time online simulation of the air war in the second world war.



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Aces High II

Thus it isn't high II ACEs to the mere fulfillment of missions, but rather cooperation, tactics and communication. You work together with other players from around the world or fight against them. With ACEs high II you have a real simulation of air combat during the second world war. After a free registration, you can test the game for 14 days and here to develop your flying skills in ACEs high II, and you develop a reputation as a flying ACE. For regular competitions where you can demonstrate your skills and appear in the global rankings are available.

ACEs high II is confined not just on the fly, but you can man other vehicles and guns on battleships and operate. In offline training mode of ACEs high II you can select the respective terrain here, where you want to train. In online mode, you get a list of the available arenas in ACEs high II and can select, you want to join the arena. While the number of the current as well as the maximum number of players per arena appears in the overview you. So something like a battle field or combat zone is an arena in ACEs high II. In addition to the arenas to the second world war, you have also the possibility to join arenas from the first world war. They are then marked as WWI selection arenas in the arena.

The real fun in ACEs high II developed by interacting in various arenas and campaigns. The game is interactive and follows no fixed schema. Through the actions of the other players constantly new and changing situations arise, so that any arena is always new and different. As a result, ACEs high II already during the test phase of 14 days, the game is fully functional, will never get boring. Try it once yourself and ACEs high II by the download function here on our Web site download.

ACEs high II features:

• World War II flight simulation
• 95 different aircraft and vehicles to choose from
• Online game in real time against other players
• Different scenarios and missions available
• Shareware, 14 days trial period
• For Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

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The game is a development of the American HiTech creations, Inc. and the perfect simulation of air combat in the second world war. The developers have aims with the game, to put their own enthusiasm into a game, and more than succeeded without question.

Description of the version: Aces High II

In the new version of ACEs high is that you not only a pilot, but can set up also your own fortress as a base you. Of course you must take part in this version in different air battles and try to be the best. Fighters from the second world war, vehicles as well as combat ships and numerous new features waiting in this simulation. Try to escape unharmed from the battles.

Overview of the functions of the new version of ACEs high

• Simulation of fighting machines, vehicles, battleships, etc. from the second world war
• Number of new and exciting features
• Building an own fortress as a base

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