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AceMoney Lite recognised not only postings, but also automatically balances and totals.



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AceMoney Lite

With the household accounts, AceMoney Lite, you keep track of your current income and expenditure. The software operates under Windows and gives you a good insight into your finances.

AceMoney Lite you can manage not only your invoices, but also your revenue and all expenses. The calculation is cents exactly. Also their own views for your credit cards, your bank accounts, any investments exist. In the meantime, AceMoney Lite computes even any interest on your loan account. Even if you've made securities or other investments, you can manage this with the Finance Manager.

In addition, you can manage your income and expenses in a separate category. Here are over 100 different and predefined categories available. As a result, you can see a graphically detailed report at the end of the month, and print. Also appropriate statistics, as well as various charts you can show you about the software. AceMoney Lite in Note Windows reminds you on outstanding invoices. Of course, you can protect access to the software and your data base with a personal password from accessing third-party.

AceMoney Lite operation is self-explanatory and basic knowledge of English, it poses no problem. You will receive your personal financial manager with numerous adequate tools for this. The various currencies and exchange rates are loaded automatically by the software from the Internet. In the meantime, you know exactly how much money's still on the end of the month available. The Financial Manager gives you the ability to manage everything that has to do with money, ultimately. Thus, he is in a budget book, private accounting and Finance Manager.

Description of the version: AceMoney Lite

You can use the new version of AceMoney Lite for your personal financial management. They works perfectly under Windows and automatically fetches the appropriate currencies and exchange rates from the Internet. Thus you can book easily and simply your income and expenditure, as well as manage your invoices. Also your credit liabilities can be recorded here. You'll also reminds of payments due. In addition, you can protect the database with a personal password from third parties.

Overview of the functions of the software AceMoney Lite

• Management of revenue / expenditure
• Management of credit liabilities
• Interest calculation
• Creating various charts and statistics
• Automatic update of currencies and exchange rates
• Password protection

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