Joosoft actually offers you software to download, free of charge which is essential and called for in everyday use. In order to satisfy our users expectations and trust , we work on it everyday. We require that each version is up-to-date, critically controlled and tested. Joosoft is the starting point for thousands of software users with, already, over 1 million successful downloads.

The Story is a Swiss product developed with love. The platform is online since 2007 and has, in the meantime, grown considerably in the German speaking world. It was always extremely important for us to consider the users' needs. We quickly researched all the important programmes, games and freeware, evalued them and set them, free of charge, at your disposal. As time passed the data and structure became increasingly complexed. In addition to that the voices got louder so that even software- developers wished to advertise their products on

In 2013 we decided to redevelop completely new, improving the information transparency for you and give the software developers the opportunity to market their products free of charge.

And here it is!

What's awaiting you

You yourself can publish screenshots of your favourite programmes on the new Joosoft. Additionally many useful videos are available for you, offering you the assistance needed to manage new programmes, to learn and or to further your education. Other users have already presented the videos, you too can help other users with video-tutorials by setting then, free of charge online at They will no doubt be grateful and we're looking forward to your participation.

The new offers you more possibilities for selfactivity; you may publish your desired software on neworks like facebook. Should something appeal to you you may inform your friends with a click. If, coincidently, you know a newer version of a programme which hasn't appeared on our platform you may, please, let us know by clicking on "Buzzer"

Actuality is very important for programmes, because urgent updates appear immediately in an extra red box. New programm versions will be sent to you directly to your postbox on reception of your e-mail in the update-newsletter.

We rejoice at the thought of making more interesting for you and others so please share your ideas with us.

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