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With the Ableton Live 8, you can make your own music and record with ease.



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Ableton Live

Ableton Live 8 is a program with which you apply not only a music software. It allows you to make your own music. Thus, you can easily arrange professional stage performances. Also of re-mixes or unusual performances can be easily implemented. Ableton Live 8 works with a combination of non-linear, intuitive way of working, real time editing and performance options, you can use all for you. This version has some new features that further opportunities. So, you can create many new effects with different combinations. Ableton Live 8 includes a number of new Groove features, optimized algorithms of warp and a real-time Looper. Also the MIDI Editor is been redesigned in this release of Ableton Live 8. You can make crossfades in the arrangement view.

Many new or revised well program functions are included in this version of Ableton Live 8. So, for example, you can drive up to a sound quality 32 bit or 182 kHz multitrack recordings you. A wide range of audio and MIDI effects is already integrated into the program. You give your arrangements very special character. You can use Ableton Live 8 to the scoring of videos. Appropriate import and export options are available. An automatic plug-in latency compensation is done by the VST and AU interface with Ableton Live 8.

In Ableton Live 8, two full-fledged instruments are integrated with the simple (synthesizer) and the drum machine, open up more possibilities for composing and arranging of various pieces of music for you. The work is with the Ableton Live 8 this for you very pleasant and open. You've got all the features you need in a window in front of you.

New features of Ableton Live 8

• MIDI editor updated
• VST and AU interface
• New Groove features
• Optimized warp algorithms
• Integrated synthesizer
• Built-in drum machine

Accessories and extensions

Ableton Live 8 is sold as a complete software package on trade. You should make price comparisons anyway, since there are different offers. You can use this program both on the PC and the MAC. With Ableton Live, there is still a full sequencer and producer software that but rather is due to the relatively high price for a professional recording Studio 8 suites as an accessory to the program.

Description of the version: Ableton Live

If you're at the weekend as a DJ at night clubs, you're especially have fun with Ableton Live 8. The manufacturer put explicitly focus on those user bringing the quantities to dance at parties. The operation is still clearer, which is for live use for you as a DJ of enormous importance. Just the improved loop functionality can be used now easily live and thus virtually serves as an additional deck.

These are the most important new features in Ableton Live 8

• Loops with humanize function
• Several new effect devices
• accelerates the work improved MIDI programming
• With the new Looper can be edited even more creative loops
• Warping and grid functions have been refined
• the popular FM Synth was gene he all overhauled

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