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AbiWord is a text-editing program, which contains only the most important functions.



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AbiWord is a free word processor, which is limited only to the basic functions. These include an automatically generated table of contents, footnotes, tables and styles. The AbiWord user interface is based on Microsoft Word. You can extend this software with other plugins, as AbiWord is platform-independent. Furthermore, this program offers you a very simple data exchange with many other Office applications. You get AbiWord in many different languages; There are also dictionaries in 30 different languages. If you want to even look up entries, you can do this by using the Wikipedia plugin. This plugin is already integrated into AbiWord.

Although it is a relatively small program, you can find here all important text editing features. These features already found in any typical Office applications. With AbiWord you can your texts not only in italic or bold fashion, but also paragraphs format. Also if you want to import pictures or align columns, this is not a problem. This program is complemented by a spellchecker to be installed separately. Among other things, AbiWord supports the formats HTML, TXT, RTF and DOC.

Especially, if you find much to overweight applications such as open Office or Microsoft Word, AbiWord is a good alternative for you. In this program you will find significantly less functionality than in the other programs. If you can additional plug-ins, such as for example for the spelling correction, additional tools, fonts, and file formats, need for AbiWord, you friends on the manufacturer page download this. So, you can still individually expand AbiWord friends and fashion. This program is very straightforward and very easy to use. Due to the few, essential functions even more inexperienced with AbiWord cope quickly. This software it has consciously too many options, to make dealing with this program users as easy as possible. To install the software and try out, you simply click on the download button on this page and then follow the instructions on the screen.

The features of the software at a glance:

• Very easy to use
• Contains only the most important functions
• Especially for beginners is very suitable
• Supports the formats DOC, HTML, TXT and RTF
• Importing images
• Alignment of columns

What operating system do you need?

To use AbiWord on your computer, you need Windows 2000, NT, XP, Vista or Windows 7, 2003. For this program, you will need a 16 MB RAM and a processor 486 DX or higher.

Description of the version: AbiWord

Several bugs were fixed in this version.

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