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ABC Videoroll-2572-b is suitable for hobby filmmakers, as well as semi-professional artists.



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ABC VideoRoll

ABC Videoroll-2572-b, a free video editing program available, you're prepared for the future suits you as a user. As a beginner as well as advanced hobby filmmakers - as you get with ABC Videoroll-2572-b new and extensive features on the hand with which the image processing in the video sector will meet your needs. Free video editing programs tend to be a rarity. Digital cutting programs are among the most expensive applications in this area. You can download ABC Videoroll-2572-b as a freeware program, however, completely free of charge here. The application possibilities are diverse with ABC Videoroll-2572-b. With the freeware program, you can edit the wedding just as appealing as your holiday shots from all countries. With the aid of ABC Videoroll-2572-b, you can transfer videos directly from the camera and then continue to work.

With the free use of ABC Videoroll-2572-b, you work to your computer for a small Film Studio. So, you can merge several video clips, customize text, music or graphics. Not to mention the over one hundred special effects that offer you ABC Videoroll-2572-b help. The possibility to control up to three video and audio levels parallel with the program. In an audio track that can be mixed. The possibility should be mentioned to capture separate camcorder or VCR videos.

Click on the download button to download ABC Videoroll-2572-b as freeware. In your work as a hobby filmmakers ABC Videoroll-2572-b will be friends a great help. All popular video and image formats are supported by ABC Videoroll-2572-b.

Many possibilities with the free video editing program

• Video processing freeware files.
• Image file processing at a high level.
• Video editing in the 21st century.
• Private videos professionally cut.
• Versatile editing tools with Videoroll.
• Over one hundred special effects for video editing.

The technical refinements of the programme

ABC Videoroll-2572-b supports a wide range of image formats. To highlight the formats are TIFF, GIF, JPEG, MPEG, ASF, MP3, AVI, BMP, WAV, DV, QT, ASX, quick time MOV. In addition, the program is compatible with many video drivers. At the same time ABC Videoroll-2572-b different screen resolutions, as well as video standards supported. As an example, here are the standards of NTSC and PAL called. Further, several films can be stacked play, scale, hide, upgrade einfaden, with transitions, and then with the integrated special affects. There is the possibility to show explosions and movie title button 3D.

Description of the version: ABC VideoRoll

With the new version of ABC VideoRoll your home videos, you can now put the finishing touches. Numerous tools for professional video editing are available here. In addition to the usual functions, such as for example the crop the videos, you can edit your videos with around 100 new special effects. The new version supports now various resolutions and video standards such as NTSC and PAL.

New functions for the video editing program

• 100 new special effects to the editing of videos
• Add music, graphics, texts, shades
• Supports different resolutions such as for example NTSC and PAL

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