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ABBYY scanTo Office is a powerful software on the market for text recognition.



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ABBYY ScanTo Office

ABBYY scanTo Office is a good solution, if you no longer want, cumbersome to type out your text documents. If you've lost so far lots of time, business letters, to write off authority documents or personal text on your computer, you should be sure ABBYY scanTo Office see. ABBYY scanTo Office you can install easily and quickly. It is immediately ready for use and easier your Office work. ABBYY scanTo Office is on all Windows computers run and needed only a few system resources.

The advantage of ABBYY scanTo Office is the way that you can easily integrate it into your Office applications. If you want to skip for text capture with ABBYY scanTo Office, you must not only be able to leave your currently running Office application. You can call ABBYY scanTo Office via the menu bar or the plugin function from the word processor or the spreadsheet out. You don't have to interrupt your work with ABBYY scanTo Office so at any time.

Scan your paper documents with ABBYY scanTo Office, and make it available immediately in electronic form in your Office programs. This is how conventional scanners simply generates an image file, but you are not in text form scanTo Office with ABBYY and can immediately edit the text and continue to write.

Other features of ABBYY scanTo Office

• Transfer of layout of the original
• Conversion in word processing files
• E-mail routing
• Program start via context menu
• Automatic detection of font size
• Convert already scanned documents

The developers of ABBYY scanTo Office

ABBYY is a software manufacturer from Russia that earlier BIT software operated under the name. The manufacturer offers world-leading software in the field of computer vision and computational linguistics. The company was founded in 1989 by David Yang, and started with the distribution of a dictionary application. The headquarters is in Moscow and ABBYY has built up today nine branches in different countries, including in Munich. The company name means as much as "sharp eye" and derives from a reconstructed proto. The name is related to the core tasks of the company, especially the document recognition belongs to which. The company operates an extensive research in the field of artificial intelligence, which is to carry out the collection, translation, and conversion of text information.

Description of the version: ABBYY ScanTo Office

ABBYY ScanTo Office is a useful program, after the scan in MS Office Word or Excel files to convert written documents, without changing the document. By simple integration in the Office interface it is easier and more convenient for you, the features of ABBYY ScanTo Office to use. Also, you can send the new documents directly via Outlook, without having to leave the program processes.

The key features and applications of ABBYY ScanTo Office

• Conversion of text documents or writing created tables about scanning in Office files
• Integration in Office interface for fast and convenient work
• Innovative interpolation of structure in the document, without to distort the image of the scan

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