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The PDF Transformer 3.0 is a comprehensive and easy-to-use conversion program.



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ABBYY PDF Transformer

You work like many others also with PDF files? The PDF Transformer 3.0 provides a variety of functions with which you can identify easily any kind of PDFs, also scanned illustrated brochures, and use for creating your own documents. The PDF Transformer 3.0 can convert any PDF files in the formats Word, Excel, HTML or TXT. While the PDF Transformer 3.0 works very precisely and with maximum quality, since it retains the structure and formatting of multi-page documents. You can after the conversion by the PDF Transformer exactly in its original location recognize 3.0 headers and footers, page numbers, the typeface and fonts, footnotes, large tables and the font images and edit. The input and output functions for PDF Transformer 3.0 support the DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, PDF 1.7 and at the same time, the PDF Transformer 3.0 reads PDF/A formats 184 languages and scripts, including Chinese, Japanese or Thai, and the Cyrillic script.

You can use the program PDF Transformer 3.0 not only at the same time to convert several PDFs, but also assemble some files with different formats, such as Excel, PowerPoint, and Word to a single PDF file. It is also possible to provide the document with an own copyright, password or punch you. If you use the PDF Transformer 3.0, a wizard's supportive to the page, by explaining the steps you. The conversion program can be started directly from an Office application such as the Explorer or Outlook.

The PDF Transformer 3.0 is available as a free trial. During the period of 15 days, you can convert up to 50 pages, however not exceeding two pages at the same time.

Other PDF Transformer 3.0 features:

• Convert PDFs into files that can be edited
• Converts from 184 languages
• Includes redaction tool
• Can be used with Bates stamp
• Easy to use
• Recognize fonts

System requirements for the PDF Transformer 3.0

The conversion program is 98 SE, me, NT, XP or 7 on the latest operating systems such as Windows 2008 or Vista, Citrix or Windows Terminal Services apply, as well on WIN 2000. As a processor, a Pentium with at least 200 megahertz is prerequisite to performance. The PDF Transformer 3.0 requires 64 megabytes of labour and 150 megabytes of hard disk space. This is also required Microsoft Office 2000, 2002 or 2003.

Description of the version: ABBYY PDF Transformer

With the new ABBYY PDF Transformer 3.0 you can edit more PDF files. You can convert PDF files into editable formats without losing the original layout. The new core technology ensures high quality and accuracy. Or you can create your own PDFs and adapts individually to your personal wishes it, for example by hedging through a password. With a special function, you can send the documents by E-Mail, or you can spread on the Internet.

The features of ABBYY transformer 3.0 at a glance

• optimal processing of PDF files
• Preservation of the original layout
• personal adjustment of the files
• Formatting for quick sending as E-mail
• Formatting the dissemination on the Internet

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