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With abalone you can download an addictive mind game and completely free of charge.



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You play abalone on a virtual, hexagonal playfield with 61-free fields. The 14 black and 14 white balls be placed at the edge of the field. You can move your balls vertically, horizontally, or even diagonally. Pro game train, you can maximum move three of your balls at the same time and move up to two enemy bullets. You can't move at the same time but only balls abalone, if they are side by side. You can pushing away enemy bullets only if your bullets in the majority. This means that you can push an enemy to the side for example with two of your balls. If you make it, the playing field to a total of six balls of your opponent's, you win.

You can play against the computer or against a friend of your abalone. You need about 20-30 minutes per game.

Maybe you know abalone as a board game version? Now you can play it on your PC. You can download here free and super easy abalone with us. The system requirements for abalone are the normal standards that has your PC with security: If you want to download the game, you need 400 MHz processor as the operating system at least Windows 98 and a Pentium II. With a good graphics card (8 MB) and a sound card, you can leverage all of the features of the game and experience. Your memory should have at least 128 MB. The download and installation of abalone take only a few minutes and already you can play away.

Abalone - the most important information at a glance

• two players
• a hexagonal playfield
• 14 balls
• Goal: pushing six balls of an opponent from the game field
• easy installation
• Operating system: at least. Windows 98

Abalone - background and facts

Abalone was developed in 1987 by the two Frenchmen Michel Lalet and Laurent Lévi. Already one year later won the game a major Spielekontest and was published by the publishing house abalone games. Today is the game internationally known and is distributed worldwide by different publishers. The game received several awards and was proposed inter alia in 1989 to the game of the year. in 1990, it was selected Mensa Select mind games in addition to four other games at the event. If you download abalone, you can be so sure that you will get a great game which will captivate your attention.

Description of the version: Abalone

The computer game abalone is based on the eponymous board game. A Japanese Sumo fight should be represented in this. You have to try to oust the balls of your opponent by the hexagonal playfield with your own balls. For this you need to make your balls in order to and with unified strength six balls of other players out of the fight ring push. You can move one, two or three balls per game train.

So does the computer game abalone

• Build your own balls in a row
• Push the enemy bullets from the playing field
• Move one, two or three balls per train
• Wrestling six enemy bullets and become Sumo champion

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