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Who must manage many programmes, 7stacks is exactly the right choice.



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One of the new features of Windows 7 is the so-called Super bar. With 7stacks, you can use them also under Windows Vista and even Windows XP. Thus, you can supplement the older systems to a meaningful function.

The function known as Super bar allows grouping individual applications in the taskbar in Windows 7. So, can you summarize useful programs as well as documents and did this in quick access without having to pave to your desktop with icons or links.

Since the function was first introduced with Windows 7, actually come from Windows Vista and XP users not in this pleasure, but still must settle with the Quick Launch bar. This while performing a similar function, but admits no groups, so that each application and each file receives their own icon. With 7stacks, you can solve the problem but, because exactly these features in XP and Vista, the program enables you. With 7stacks, you can combine applications or documents into groups and thus virtually have a parent feature of the order, the programs or documents into the advanced quick launch are nevertheless quick to access. And your desktop remains free, because you must not pack it with icons and links that you can manage them all with 7stacks.

Download and install of the program are quickly and easily done. The program is available only in English, but because it is a logical operation, based on the functions of the Quick Launch bar, every Windows user without any problems thus will come clear. 7stacks is for operating systems Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 available and supports also the Aero for Vista and Windows 7 glass effect, which enhances the tool even further.

Description of the version: 7stacks

7stacks complements the Quick Launch toolbar in Windows XP and Vista features Windows 7 Super bar. The latest version 1.5 is available in a first beta version in English. With 7stacks, you get the possibility of programs to combine shortcuts or files in the Quick Launch bar to groups. These groups are displayed then parent and make more easy and clear the Organization of the Quick Launch bar. The Aero glass effect is supported on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Features of the current version 1.5 Beta 1 of 7stacks

• Expanded the Quick Launch toolbar to a grouping feature
• Available for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
• Freeware with English interface
• Supports Aero glass effect in Vista and Windows 7

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