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7-Zip is a free data compression program with high compression and strong encryption.



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Using 7-zip, a powerful Packer for 7zip comes formats on your computer.

The open-source software 7-zip will convince you by their reliability and their high tolerance to many different formats. In addition, this tool supports the 7z format, which is clearly superior to other files of the Pack when it comes to compression. It is able to achieve better compression rates than other common formats. This software 7-zip supports other formats, although the best compression rate is achieved with its own 7z format. You can create themselves easily self extracting archives using the 7z format.

Usually, 7-zip compressed in 7z format better than the ZIP format 30-70%. 7-Zip in ZIP format compressed 2-10% better than most of other ZIP compatible programs. Most of the source code is under the "GNU LGPL" licensed and also the unRAR code is available as a plus under certain license limitations. Some main features of 7-zip are in addition to the high compression ratio, the excellent encryption with AES-256 in the 7zip - and IP format and the self-extracting 7z archives, as well as the intelligent integration into the Windows context menu. This freeware tool has a powerful file manager and also a powerful command line version. The plugin for FAR Manager is already available. It runs on Windows 7/Vista/XP/2008/2003/2000/NT/ME/98. Important to know is that the command line version of 7-zip on Linux and UNIX was ported already.

Are two more highlights of this really good open source software: you can use completely free 7-zip on all, even on commercial use, computers, without that specifically need to register. All relevant changes are in the release notes, the release notes, on the homepage of the manufacturer.

Features and benefits of 7-zip at a glance:

• High compression rate
• Excellent encryption
• Pack / unpack
• Command line version for Linux and UNIX
• Selfextracting 7z archives
• Plug-in for FAR Manager

"Best open source project"

7-Zip is an excellent in July of 2007 as best open source project, free Pack program, initiated by Igor Pavlov, has also continuously developed further. 7-Zip represents the string version of the "Lempel-Zic-Markov algorithm" of the same developer. 7-Zip adds intelligent in the Windows context menu, and as a plug-in for FAR Manager. Extra to the graphical interface, 7-zip has a great command line version. The freeware dominates over 60 languages. «You can make to the surface on German by you the language file under» Tools | Options | Language «select.

Description of the version: 7-Zip

The new version of the well known freeware is easy and versatile to use. If you frequently send E-Mails with file attachments, you'll know the possibility to compress the files, to appreciate. The new version features more improve of the compression ratio in all popular formats. The new version of the program is offered in 74 languages, so you can use it also for E-Mail mail with attachments abroad without any problems.

Advantages of the new version of the Pack program 7-ZIP 4.65

• very high compression ratio in 7z format with LZMA
• greatly improved compression for ZIP and GZIP formats
• strong encryption for 7z and ZIP formats
• comfortable handling
• international operational

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