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50 Boat skins creates the basis for your collection of XP boot skins for Windows XP.



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50 Bootskins für Windows XP

Windows XP is a recognized and widely used operating system. If you have it on your computer and the boot sequence is too monotonous and boring, you need 50 boat skins for Windows XP.

A use of the package requires 50 boat skins for Windows XP install BootSkin. BootSkin is the program with which the skins can be managed and, as well as the package with the 50 boat skins, free is available as freeware. The installation of the program and of the 50 boat skins for Windows XP is easy and fast. The size of files allowed a download within seconds on DSL speed, and the installation is just as fast.

After installing BootSkin, you have a smaller selection of boot skins initially available. After downloading the 50 boat skins for Windows XP, you have the choice between the most popular boot skins then. The bandwidth is manifold, so that there is something for every taste. Starting with graphical symbols and images that are similar to screen backgrounds in Windows XP itself, you can choose the image, that should adorn your boot skin in the future. Or are you a fan of Futurama? No problem, Bender also is available as a boot skin. So a wide variety of topics are covered by 50 boat skins for Windows XP, and on the website of the provider much more boot skins are available, so you have the choice between almost 8,000 different skins. There you will find it determines.

And if you have Windows 2000 instead of Windows XP in use, so this is not a problem, because the BootSkin program is available for this operating system. And of course you will find a wide selection of available boot skins also for Windows 2000 on the website of the provider.

Description of the version: 50 Bootskins für Windows XP

A package of different skins, which lays the Foundation for your future boat skins collection is 50 boat skins for Windows XP. Already with this package of 50 most popular skins, you're so much variation in the boring XP boot process that will finally turn the calculator and you like to watch on the screen. In addition to the 50 skins in this package you will find almost 8,000 more skins on the website of the provider for your XP, and the necessary program is available also for Windows 2000.

Features of the version 1.0 of 50 boat skins for Windows XP

• Requires the free program BootSkin
• Package with the 50 most popular boat skins
• Program is available for Windows XP and 2000
• Almost 8,000 more skins available

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