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4WomenOnly is a program with which you can calculate amongst your fertile days.



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The program 4WomenOnly helps you to capture all the data on your cycle. As you can see in advance when your fertile days are, and when your next menstruation will occur. Especially if you suffer from an irregular cycle, this program is a very big help. So 4WomenOnly can tell you when and how long your fertile days are, it uses several methods of calculation to hedge. On the basis of a calendar 4WomenOnly shows which days your menstruation, the last day before beginning your fertile days and the days when a conception is unlikely. But also the day of conception during pregnancy will be shown you in this program.

4WomenOnly can but a lot more. 4WomenOnly shows you which will have your child star sign, horoscope and birth date and even gender. It can not go fast enough many expectant mothers, to find out which gender the new earthlings will have. So you can start slowly, to set up the nursery and fashion. The anticipation of the baby becomes much greater, if once the cot in the room. 4WomenOnly is a very versatile program with many surprises waiting for you.

You can create in advance the calendar for half a year. You can personalize even the different topics you at 4WomenOnly. So you miss any events, there is a reminder at 4WomenOnly. Even if your cycle is irregular, you can use 4WomenOnly, furthermore you can also information with this program about your BMI (body mass index) get. This value indicates, if you're too fat or too thin or have your ideal weight in. You can try 4WomenOnly free trial. If the trial not sufficient for you, you can purchase it also. This program is very clear and well designed. Also to use 4WomenOnly is very easy to use.

Improvements at a glance

• Calculate when your fertile days are
• Find out the date of birth, gender and your baby horoscope
• Calculate your body mass index (BMI)
• Know when a pregnancy is unlikely
• Memory function
• Personalize the calendar with different themes

What operating system do you need?

Under the operating systems Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista you use 4WomenOnly. After the day of the test, you have the opportunity to acquire this program.

Description of the version: 4WomenOnly

The current version offers space for all topics related to the menstrual cycle and female health. Vote your holiday and action planning on your biorhythms and menstrual cycle. Let the family planning help from your PC. You and your partner does want children? 4WomenOnly calculates your fertile days and predicts the stages of development, birth date and probable sex of the baby. No time for children? The program, to identify the infertile days will help you.

The latest version of 4WomenOnly at a glance:

• Precise calculation of the beginning of menstruation
• Helps with family planning
• Represents your individual biorhythms
• Natural prevention in combination with the temperature method

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