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  • Windows 4.08

3DWinBrick 2001 v4. 08 is a game of skill and requires correspondingly good reactions.



  • License: Shareware
  • Downloads: 104
  • Updated: 26.10.2013


Download and install run clean, easily and quickly. After you install of the shareware from 3DWinBrick 2001 v4. 08 you first enter your player name and select an icon style. These symbols are displayed you and other players during the game and the dispatch of messages and are comparable with emoticons. Then 3DWinBrick test 2001 v4. 08 the graphics settings for your system and creates a list of the best resolutions. You can then the resolution for the 3DWinBrick 2001 v4. 08 select and decide whether you want to play full screen or windowed mode. The settings can be changed afterwards at any time.

The start of the game by 3DWinBrick 2001 v4. 08 from the main menu takes some getting, it works but in any case by pressing the "F2" button. Otherwise they must be accustomed only, that you must press and hold the large buttons to display the next menu level. You can play 3DWinBrick 2001 v4. 08 with keyboard, joystick or mouse. The token you can, unlike similar games of this kind, at 3DWinBrick 2001 v4. 08 not only to the left and right, but also forward move. Thus the game quickly absorbs ride, and you have to watch that one does not lose his game ball.

The aim of 3DWinBrick 2001 v4. 08, that you can download using the download button on our site, is to achieve a maximum highscore. To hold a ball in the game with your game piece, which bounces against obstacles, destroyed them, and simultaneously reflected by them. Some destroyed barriers give it features free, the 3DWinBrick 2001 v4. 08 directly for you positive or negative affect. Is positive for example, if 3 are suddenly out of a ball. It is rather negative, if your tile is suddenly smaller. But try 3DWinBrick 2001 v4. 08 from best even once.

Features of 3DWinBrick 2001 v4. 08:

• Skill game
• For single - and multiplayer
• Shareware with 20 levels, and limitations in the editor
• Faster download and simple installation
• In addition to German in 6 other languages available
• For Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista

About 3DWinBrick 2001 v4. 08 and the developer

3DWinBrick 2001 v4. 08 is a redevelopment of the old WinBrick 96 game and brings the fun of the 2D to 3D level. It is based on the gameplay of its predecessor, but is a completely new development. Therefore, no updates of the old version are possible. The old 2D levels are but integrated into the game, so that even veterans with the game will feel comfortable.

Description of the version: 3DWinBrick2001

The current version of 3DWinBrick2001 has been thoroughly revised. Easily, you play the action game now available on computers with Windows Vista. Not only in terms of compatibility, visually a lot has been done: for your 16:9-screen you can choose a resolution of up to 1920 x 1800 pixels in the graphic options. The menu has been simplified and more user-friendly. Scores, you can now transfer and load, without causing crashes.

The current version of 3DWinBrick2001 offers these improvements

• 16:9 Support-displays up to 1920 x 1800 pixel
• Simplified menu navigation
• Trouble-free transfer and loading of savegames
• Various small bugs were fixed.

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