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3DMark06 is an attractive benchmark test program for gamers - and artist PCs.



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A computer must meet many tasks, which are more or less demanding. Extremely complex programs such as, for example, the latest games and drawing programs demand too much of some old PC – you may have with the 3DMark06 benchmark test performance.

3DMark06 version 1.2 checks your computer on heart and kidneys - so you can know whether he is still fast enough for current games and applications that are developed in the future. Several benchmark tests run simultaneously and thus faster in 3DMark06 as other analysis programs, so you save time and valuable computing capacity. Finally you can check the achievable frame rate under different resolutions, the 3D-Geschwindigkeit of your CPU as well as the performance in terms of texture rendering and bump-mapping with 3DMark06. In addition, there are many other features that make the program an ultra slim and technically attractive benchmark application, which one definitely should think too as a gamer.

The test results clearly represented in a system diagnostics so that you have all the important information at a glance. In addition, 3DMark06 evaluates all parameters and calculates a total score, which could reach the test object as a whole at the end. If you have a high-performance computer, you can compare the performance data on the Internet with other tested machines and see how others cut off during the tests. The program is especially suited to computer, run more complex graphic applications which, so for PCs for engineers and gamers. Through the analysis, you can more easily make weak hardware components and replace if necessary. Because finally, each machine is only as strong as its weakest link - 3DMark06 tells you what is it in your PC!

Description of the version: 3DMark06

The latest version v02/10 of the 3DMark06 benchmark test program offers a more powerful analysis function as its predecessors, because were improving some parameters and fixed bugs. The hardware detection was updated in version v02/10 rate current peripherals and their communication with the computer can be. However, the results with the calculated values of the previous versions remain comparable, so you get no distorted scores through updates.

The most important innovations of the 3DMark06 version v02/10

• Added latest hardware devices to the quota of the analysis
• Removed bugs of previous versions
• More efficient and faster by optimizing program structure
• Not distort reviews updates

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