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With the 3D room Planner, it is to set up possible all flats and houses from the computer.



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3D Wohnraumplaner CAD

Graphically helps the establishment of areas of your apartment or House.

Exactly according to your ideas to make your apartment or your House you, it is no longer necessary to shift a furniture catalog after another. With the 3D room Planner, this work done almost as saying.

Here, the Interior is easy. The 3D room Planner couldn't be easier in its application. Enter the dimensions of the spaces you want to reshape, and let it RIP. If you do still no concrete information to the room sizes, that's no problem. Choose an example from the various sample houses and apartments.

Start with the choice of wall color and pick your Favorites from various wall structures. Hundreds types of flooring does not make easy the decision you but with one click you switch effortlessly from beech wood look laminate to gleaming white marble tiles up to the plush high pile carpet. Have you set yourself once on a certain color of the wall and the flooring, missing only the furniture. With the 3D room Planner you a huge selection of furnishings for the different rooms available. Construct exactly the cuisine that suits your own needs. You move living space with drag -and-drop individual cabinets, sofas or dressers on the 2D then, where you want it. After you you completely have set, completing the editing and will go on a 3D Tour through your new Kingdom.

It's not always your current apartment which you with the 3D room Planner newly set up. Choose just time a model home and customize it to how you want it for the future. You can download here free of charge your 3D room planner with us. Just click on the download button and create your personal dream home.

Description of the version: 3D Wohnraumplaner CAD

The current version of the 3D of room Planner can come up with many innovations and improvements. Unlike previous versions, this has you as it makes the name already clearly to provide a 3D view. Also is possible to save your created views and upload to the Web or to send your friends via the Internet. If you want to use the program for not only private, but also for professional purposes, you can expand your version with other furnishings.

The most important innovations of the 3D of room Planner

• Complete view of the rooms in 3D graphics
• Wide range of 600 different furnishings
• This version of the 3D of room Planner is free
• Additional furnishings may be purchased
• Private and professional use possible
• Easy to use

3D Wohnraumplaner 3d-wohnraumplaner 3d-wohnraumplaner-cad

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