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3D mill is the perfect pastime for all fans of Board games and strategy games.



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3D Mühle

3D mill is a variation of the classic mill game for your PC. Almost everyone knows the rules, and for all those who are still not quite sure, you again need to do exactly with the black and white tiles, 3D mill offers a tutorial with which you again can refresh his knowledge, before it starts.

Who plays 3D mill for the first time, will be surprised by the realistic and appealing graphics. A pleasant atmosphere makes for a pleasant game experience and is a welcome change to the otherwise often dominant sensory overload. 3D mill is easy to use and available in German language, of course. Anyone who has ever played mill, will quickly cope with the program. And even if you you are wrong in the game time all moves can be undone easily by mouse click. 3D mill offers unlimited fun for the break or a long evening.

Played 3D will mill either against a human opponent - your friends or siblings can play with right - an Internet opponent or if just nobody is available against the computer. The computer opponent can be different difficulty levels, so that the challenge with increasing practice of game can grow. If you're like competing against other players, you can online compare your performance against a high score list and share you tips and tactics. To play 3D mill, you need only a Windows operating system (Windows 98 or subsequent) and a few minutes to download. A trial version of 3D mill is available free of charge; the full version is available for 15 euro.

Benefits and features of 3D mill at a glance

• Get 3D mill for free as trial version
• Perfect a great graphics and matching sound effects make the game fun
• Play against your friends, the computer or online against other players
• The ideal pastime for the break or long game nights
• A classic, but already not boring: the mill game in contemporary design
• 3D mill offers simple operation in German

3D mill - a game between old-fashioned and modern

The game itself there are more than 3000 years. If something lasts so long, it must be good, and therefore it is surprising no one getting new versions of the popular game on the market; Nowadays of course, especially in the form of computer games. 3D mill is a very modern variant, which will however miss the charm of the classic game. The game board but only virtually simulates but so realistic that one might think, actually a wooden board with the black and white tiles is to have. In this way, 3D excited mill young and old alike.

Description of the version: 3D Mühle

3D mill guarantees you realistic gaming fun in 3D and embodies the perfect blend of strategy, tension and joy of playing. You can claim you against human opponents, online opponents or computer-controlled opponents (at four levels of difficulty) and if necessary before benefit from a tutorial for beginners or valuable tactics tips. Interesting graphics also provide a cosy atmosphere and are accompanied by various sound effects. 3D mill is easy to use and available as a free trial online (for Windows).

The main advantages of the strategy classic "Mill" in 3D at a glance

• several interesting games against various teams
• Tutorial for beginners and refreshers
• elaborate graphics and varied sound effects
Game strategies and tactics tips • comprehensive integrated as AIDS
• ease of use / realistic gaming fun in 3D

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