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With the 3D, each learner can practice specifically difficult driving situations.



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The 3D simulated rides in real time. In any conceivable situation can be represented.

There are several cities available and even the left-hand traffic in London can be learned so. The 3D lets you continue practicing in each city and hit it on all road signs. You have to observe also all traffic rules. A virtual driving instructor are audible instructions in the 3D to any driving situation. A statistic within the 3D gives information about all the weaknesses and errors. You can always exercise your vulnerabilities and reduce the number of errors. An hour's drive will cost a lot of money in a driving school, the virtual driving school can reduce the cost of the driving licence.

Select in the 3D first a city where you want to go. There are also roads or highways in this mode you can select. Even night rides are possible. The 3D is very easy to install and requires very little storage space. The TThe either via the mouse, a joystick, or a steering wheel is controlled. Basics like setting of the indicator or the shoulder look again in the right order can be practiced while driving. After a drive failure, the exercise can be repeated immediately again. So, a certain routine for certain areas of situation comes up quickly. After each round of exercise, all errors are displayed and can be exercised so very targeted again.

The 3D can be easily downloaded via download. Simply choose an appropriate version of the 3D and go immediately. A demo version is also available, it includes two exercises at a training ground and an impression of the program.

Other features of the program:

Simulate • traffic situations on the PC
• A virtual driving instructor helps by weighing instructions
• Problem situations can be practiced specifically
Alternatively you can move freely • in a scene
• After each round of exercise shows that 3D driving school all mistakes that were made
• A private fleet exercises for all categories of licence allows

Background information

The 3D is available since 2001. The makers of tThe specialise in the development of real worlds. The 3D they have a name as a developer already cool 3D games made. The market for such exercise programs is very large. Because driving lessons are expensive, and the driver's license is usually the first big issue in life. Finally, even a little money should remain for the purchase of the first car.

Description of the version: 3D-Fahrschule

With the 3D 5.1 you can easily learn the highway code on your PC and prepare so in addition to your driving test. Real animated images with real traffic situations, you can test your knowledge and see how fit you really are on the road. This download is a demo version that you can expand to a full version by purchasing. With the 3D in the 5.1 release, you can now drive on roads all over Europe!

The 3D in the current version 5.1:

• 36.9 MB Setup file can be downloaded for free as a demo
• great locations from all over Europe
• realistic design
• high-fidelity representation of traffic situations
• improved image quality

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