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300 Wallpaper for free download: Easy & fast original pictures from the movie on the desktop.



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300 Wallpaper

On the PC to install the software "300 wallpaper", is very easy. You simply click on the download link provided or goes on with a right click "save target under". The download for the 300 wallpaper is available as an .exe file, which then can be found in the "Downloads" folder. After a quickly guided through installation of the software a compressed zip folder with name "300 wallpaper" now located in the specified directory. Can you unpack this easily by other applications or the operating system software. Already, a new folder will appear and you can look at the pictures.

In which 300 wallpaper folder will find it so every fan's heart: six different images in JPEG format with different motivations - including the actor - available as 300 wallpaper. The images can be seen again in three different resolutions. The 300 wallpaper are located in the sizes of 1024 x 768, 1280 x 1024 and 1600 x 1200 in the folder, you can choose from so just the right size for his desktop. Unnecessary image edits are no longer necessary.

If you have found the appropriate 300 wallpaper, simply highlight and right click "use as desktop background". A window of the software installed on the PC, to once again the desktop to be able to fit the image. If the correct size is selected, here also, no other changes to the images of the software 300 wallpaper are needed, and the desired image immediately lands on the desktop. Using the 300 wallpaper package can get so easily, the impressions on its screen, without long search in search engines for matching images to. Six different 300-wallpaper files can be changed arbitrarily often also.

Steps to install of the software of 300 combined wallpaper

• Download link follow, save the installation file on your PC
Software installation • start "300 wallpaper"
• Zip folder in the directory open and unzip it
• Opening images, choose appropriate subject and corresponding resolution to the desktop
• Right click on desired image as desktop background save
• Sustainable use and change the images possible

Background to the film

The successful movie of the year 2007 is a film adaptation of the fight of the Spartans against the Persians. Under the leadership of King Leandros, the battles are impressively documented, although it is rather an action as to a fact-based historical film. After the cinema breakthrough original cuts as 300 wallpapers were put online and in form of zip files for free download made public.

Description of the version: 300 Wallpaper

You get 6 high-quality images that are available in the resolutions 1024 x 768, 1280 x 1024 and 1600 x 1280 with the official wallpapers for the hit movie "300". All images are graphically very complex and reflect the dense and dark atmosphere of the film very well, so that one feels transported directly in the film. All images to establish people at the Center, which can be seen in typical situations from the film.

Features in the current release of 300 wallpaper

• 6 high-quality wallpapers from the movie "300"
• Each available in 3 different resolutions
• Realistically reflect the atmosphere of the film

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