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1by1 is a practical music player with various features in a compact size.



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1by1 is a simple and easy to use music player for your computer, which consumes very little memory. However, it offers a wide variety of different and practical functions.

The freeware 1by1 provides you with a practical music player for the computer interface, giving you is always ready in the future all your favorite songs. Thanks to its simple construction, the player acts first little functional, but then he surprised with many useful tools. So you can, for example, if you had to pause a song, in exactly the same place next time turn back. Also, you need to open individually not all the songs, but the music player automatically searches the hard drive for MP3 files. Then you can listen to either the tracks from an existing folder or create playlists. You can find out, for example, your Favorites and always listen to when you're feeling afterwards. Parallel the files can be easily manage, and while songs delete playback, rename or move. Is supported Additionally 1by1 MP3 and MP2 formats, can I be a Winamp plug-in get desire, which adds more file formats.

1by1, the free music player from the same manufacturer as the software mp3 DirectCut, thus offers a serious alternative to better-known music players despite his small size and his unpretentious presentation and impresses with its many features and its ease of use. In addition, that the installation is very easy and you can do not only numerous settings, but directly turn on the player, and start listening. Later, you can then optimize it by the way if necessary and customize to your needs.

Description of the version: 1by1

The new version of v1. 74 of the music player were made some changes and optimizations. So, for example, some incorrect settings corrected and deleted superfluous functions. In addition, all functions were converted to a Unicode and your search for ID3v2 pictures with a Unicode exposed. An even better functionality than in the previous versions could be established by various further new adjustments and improvements to the system.

The improvement in version v1. 74 of 1by1:

• Conversion of all files in a Unicode
• Repair of faulty functions
• Removing unneeded features
• Optimization of different settings
• Search for ID3v2 pictures with Unicode names

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