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The first-person shooter 1378 (km) you can slip in different roles and make decisions.



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1378 (km)

The game 1378 (km) is a first-person shooter. As a lover and fan of these computer games, you will be excited very realistic representation of the style of play. The game reminds of the Division of Germany and the numerous attempts to escape the so-called death strip.

Basis for 1378 (km) is the former inner German border. You're with 16 people at the same time on the so-called death strip. As in any first-person shooter, you can fight off enemies with firearms in 1378 (km) with your character. You have the choice whether you act as a border guard or a refugee.

As you surely know from history, could be legally left from the former GDR. As a refugee, you're trying to cross the border illegally or as a border guard to prevent them. The game 1378 (km) makes different choices you as border guard, how you can deal with a possible refugee. One option is that you prevent illegal border crossing, in which you are caught the volatile person. Another possibility is that you communicate with the refugees. You can then decide whether or not you change sometimes sides. As a last option, the use of the firearm remains friends. That is, you fulfill your mission as guarding the border and shoot the volatile person. However, you should consider this drastic action that later, after the reunification, a so-called wall protecting process threatens you. The game 1378 (km) puts you in a position to experience a piece of German history. You can make your own decisions as a border guard. Here you hear the ability on your conscience. In the real world, it was not possible for the soldiers. They had a so-called defensive mission to fulfill. You have the option to decide how you behave in this situation.

The game 1378 (km) is a freeware version which you can download for free. For you to simply click the corresponding button. As a system requirement, at least the Win XP operating system is required.

Description of the version: 1378 (km)

The student Jens M. Stober, a modified version of "Half life 2 - Deathmatch" has developed this game, with a real, historical background. As a condition of the game, you need a steam account with the game "Half life 2 - Deathmatch". You can download it for free. The game is downloaded, then must you unpack it. The directory is C:\Programme\Steam\Steamapps\SourceMods\. Steam must be restarted after copying. You will then 1378 (miles from) in the library.

System requirements and features

• Steam account with half-life2 Deathmatch required
• Action and first-person shooter
• File size: 310,7 MB
• Software type: Freeware
• Language: German
• Operating systems: Win XP, Vista, or Windows 7

1378 (km) 1378-km

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