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123 Logbook is an indispensable helper for those who use a car both professionally and privately.



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You must not install the 123 log book on your computer or laptop. It is so flexible that you can stick it in the bag, so to speak. In this way you can take out everywhere with the 123 - drive book and go enter all important data relating to the motor vehicle. Maybe you're a field often on a business trip and need to stay in a hotel. With the electronic logbook, so at any time, you have a quick overview of the costs imposed by your car. Even the surface of the 123 - drive book is self explanatory. Therefore, you need virtually no learning curve, because the work with the 123 logbook is really simple. You simply choose between drive types both professionally and privately, then you enter all information in the 123 - drive book and got it all so fully in the grip. With the 123 logbook you can record all around your car: fuel costs, mileage, parking fees, subsistence costs, leasing rate, road tax, insurance, tires and repairs.

The information that you have made on 123 logbook, are stored according to the individual cost elements on your computer. It recognizes also usually the IRS, if you want to depose her performance cost. Because you can document with the 123 electronic logbook well each business trip and any private use. If more drivers use the vehicle, you should enter once all details of the riders in the 123 electronic logbook at the beginning of the system. Then data can be quickly and without great effort, all with the respective driver link. You can create for example the lists and evaluations that you need with the 123 - drive book and can then transfer them to your Word or Excel files. Also this makes makes the electronic logbook so useful.

Before you buy the 123 logbook, you can get here for 30 days the electronic logbook you as a free trial version on your computer or USB-stick.

More 123 logbook functions:

• can run from a USB stick
• numerous cost types
• Choice between private and professional use
• multiple driver data can be created
• Lists can be created
• easy-to-understand interface

Requirements for the 123 - drive Guide

The electronic logbook requires 4.7 MB disk space and runs on the following Microsoft operating systems: WIN 95, 98, 2000, NT, ME, XP.

Description of the version: 123-Fahrtenbuch

With 123 - drive book you can't hold quickly and easily all your rides. This is for all those who want to carry a logbook for business or private reasons. In addition to mileage and travel data, costs for petrol, parking, meals, any lease, car tax and other charges collected. So you can simply present the data the IRS, if trips to be deposed by the tax. The 123 logbook can be stored on the USB stick even and be taken anywhere.

The functions of the 123 - drive book at a glance

• Drive list over all driven distances
• Mileage and trip data storage
• Acquisition of the costs incurred
• Secure IRS representation
• Storage on USB-stick

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