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10 Finger BreakOut you learn playfully, almost incidentally, dealing with the keyboard.



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10 Finger BreakOut

With the program, learning of the ten fingers writing system it allows is 10 finger BreakOut. The typing tutorial is fun and playing conveyed using the computer keyboard. Fingers fly as by itself via the keys.

If you currently doing a training in a commercial occupation, then BreakOut now among 10 finger your absolute favorite programs. Easily learn the handling of the keyboard and typing to. The program is an absolute insider tip to train and improve the speed when entering the text. You'll be amazed how BreakOut affects 10 fingers on the write performance.

But also for all others who write much on the computer, is a great tutorial 10 finger BreakOut. The principle is very simple and will be fun for you, too. Maybe you know the game BreakOut, the arcade classic. That's the basis for 10 finger BreakOut. The difference is that you have to fight off the ball with the arrow keys, but with the letters. Three new characters are displayed after each of your inputs. With these, you can move the Board depending on their respective position. With the letters in the Middle you shoot one more bullet. Before each new round BreakOut, the letter being studied will show ten fingers. You can train and practice in three different levels of difficulty. First you defend only the ball. Then little monsters join itself, where you have to Dodge. You have reached the master level, if the keyboard is hidden and you're playing blind so to speak. A high score list will show you your personal success. You can compete with others, where you start a little 10 finger BreakOut competition.

You can download the tutorial. To do so simply you click the corresponding button. System requirement need at least OS Win 98.

Description of the version: 10 Finger BreakOut

The current version is E.k. as the predecessor of Giletch. This company is committed to the goal, to teach the typing on the computer keyboard to the user in a simple way. The playful variant on the basis of the arcade game, is a new smart model for the developer. The learning effect by the way and instead of the arrow keys or a joystick, the entire keyboard is included. The graphics is very oriented towards the original game, but still very appealing. The software is freeware.

The most important data to 10 finger BreakOut

• Minimum operating system Win 98 s win 98
• Freeware version on German
• Typing tutorial
• Space requirement approx. 936 kB
• Based on the arcade game
• Enhanced graphics

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