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With 10 beautiful high-quality free fonts, you will receive ten free designer fonts.



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10 Beautiful High-Quality Free Fonts

If you want to make a map, a flyer, or a Web page, you can create 10 beautiful high-quality free fonts to use. This program is available for download and is absolutely free.

A small extension package has been developed for Windows: the 10 beautiful high-quality free fonts. With this program, you get 10 more fonts for your word processor. You can graphically revalue your texts with these great designer fonts. You can underline, for example, the contents of a greeting card or the Web page with the new fonts or visually enhance. So will you give some of your text, better speak the feelings and reactions, that you want to receive. "This is quite simply, by you with the"copy & paste"function the unzipped files in the folder» C:\Windows\Fonts«transfer.

It does not matter whether you are working with a text editor or with a program for image editing, because the selection of the fonts are automatically updated high-quality free fonts by 10 beautiful on your system.

10 Beautiful high-quality free fonts you can download here free. This program is offered by smashing magazine and runs on all operating systems. The file size of 10 beautiful high-quality free fonts is 2.4 MB. And you will receive absolutely free best quality. Because it is a program, which is one of the so-called freeware, can it be used freely for private purposes, without limitation. In commercial use costs may, which must be paid to the author. With 10 beautiful high-quality free fonts you invite friends so a small extension package for Windows down and you stockst on the range of your fonts so that. Ten more character sets are you available?

Description of the version: 10 Beautiful High-Quality Free Fonts

This first version of 10 beautiful high-quality free fonts provides 10 designer fonts. It supports your Word and your image editing program and will be updated automatically on your system. This program is a small extension for Windows, which increases the range of font and adds thus ten more noble character sets. Appealing logos on Web pages, flyers, with the great designer fonts can put greeting cards etc..

This includes 10 beautiful high-quality free fonts:

• There are ten new fonts
• Simple design with noble character sets
• Due to the automatic updating of the program is how easily
• Designer fonts

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