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Whether the 1 FC Cologne screensaver is news, schedules, or online ticket sales - always on the ball.



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1. FC Köln Screensaver

Be there when Poldi and the guys of the first prove your skills on the lawn of FC Cologne at practice and in the game. You're right in the Middle - not only with the 1st FC Cologne screensaver. 10 Images alternate each other on your screen. The players remain no offside, no foul - with the 1st FC Cologne screensaver even after the extension on your screen.

Change of trainer, win, climb - all news is there on the 1 FC Cologne screensaver. In addition to the high-quality images of the Cologne local matadors, there are many more additional functions. Because your 1st FC Köln screensaver is connected to the Internet. Any news will appear on your screen and keeps in the game you - so that you end up not as a replacement on the bench.

In addition to the Newsfunktion of the 1st FC Cologne, screensaver, there is also the dates of the next games. So you know exactly when your favorite team is the honor again on the square. In the picture, the next three dates for the meetings - are whether in the local square or in the distance. And so you miss a game, the 1st FC Cologne screensaver offers you also the possibility to order the cards for the next game. More convenient BB´s can't. Get the 1 FC Cologne screensaver home and become the 12th player - your PC and the 1st FC Cologne screensaver make it possible.

Functions of the 1st FC Cologne screensaver

• 10 Motifs of the Cologne team
• Move images into each other
• News feature
• Dates of the next three games
• Online ticket sales
• Always up-to-date

The Club around the Billy Goat

Since the beginning of the Club's history, there is the Billy Goat "Hennes", which is also the logo of the Cologne. Born from a Carnival joke, "Hennes" became a fixed size, and belongs to the tradition of the team. Next to the Club House and the landmark of the Rhine, the Billy goat on a white-and red background, players, "Hennes" is also a constant companion on the mountain - and downhill of the 1st FC Cologne. Hennes of the VIII is also on the 1 FC Cologne screensaver. The 8 Billy goat in succession to the throne brings the team each season on BB´s new motivation to make happy the 12th player you namely,. Contribute your part. Screensaver, get the 1st FC Cologne, and get the FC-kicker for your PC screen in the team. Always up-to-date stay up to date on the latest news of the Association. Or online to get the cards for the next game of the Cologne goat bucks with the 1st FC Cologne screensaver.

Description of the version: 1. FC Köln Screensaver

As a fan of the 1st FC Cologne, you need this screen saver, because without it what's wrong definitely in your collection. In the current version you get pictures of team in training as well as in various games. And if you're happy to live with this, then you can the current schedules show give you link directly to the ticket shop to purchase your tickets.

Features of the current version of the 1st FC Cologne screensaver

• Display of current pictures of training and games
• Preview of the upcoming game dates
• Link to the ticket shop, to buy tickets for the next matches

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