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Friends ancient strategy is going to love even though it is still unfinished Daedalus 0 to 1.0 alpha 4.



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0 A.D. 1.0 Alpha 4 Daedalus

Quite a few PC players mourn more than only a little behind real time strategy titles such as the legendary Age of Empires. If you also belong, 4 seam Daedalus the rescue with 0 on the 1.0 alpha. Still, the game is only in a very early stage of development, 0 A.D. looks but already now very good.

Once, in the year 2001 to be precise, was 0 A.D. announced a modification of the famous real-time strategy game Age of Empires 2. The developer of wildfire games decided in the meantime to publish the game, but just as the full title not only as a modification of the strategy game now nearly into oblivion. 0 On the 1.0 alpha 4 Daedalus is located, the name says it, still in a very early stage of development. With the current alpha 4, a rudimentary enemy AI has been added to the game but. So, you can test from 0 to 1.0 alpha 4 Daedalus not only in multiplayer mode, but also in a single-player variation.

As for age of Empire about Daedalus at 0 on the 1.0 alpha 4, quickly and effectively lift a civilization from the baptism. Collect raw materials and created a settlement by means of numerous inventions to others climb a stage of development where your task at 0 on the 1.0 alpha 4 is Daedalus. Set mostly belligerent neighbors, however, are impractical at the settlement of fun. Epic battles with infantry, slingshots and even elephant riders form a significant part of the game therefore already after a short time. Who does not neglect its economic development this can attack however the opponent with superior weapons. Not always the contractor must win wood spear against metal swords - with the larger army, it depends also on the technology. The stages of development, this range of late Antiquity.

0 On the 1.0 alpha 4 Daedalus can be played not only on Windows. There are corresponding download versions for Linux and Mac OS. The game appears as open source, the source code of the program is open to everyone, therefore, parts of the game may be used for your own projects.

Description of the version: 0 A.D. 1.0 Alpha 4 Daedalus

0 On the 1.0 alpha 4 Daedalus is a very early developer version of the game. This fourth alpha version is still quite far from completing what is noted in many places of the game. Nevertheless brings 0 A.D. also at this stage of development already outrageously fun. And in the current version even soloists can go a round with the game - earlier versions of 0 A.D. provided only support due to lack of enemy AI for multiplayer matches. Graphically 0 may A.D. However already now quite convincing at times, open source must be ugly.

0 On the 1.0 alpha 4 Daedalus - changes in the alpha 4

• Rudimentary single-player AI for single player
• Improved rendering
• Improved animal KI - lions and elephants now defend themselves against attacks
• Numerous performance improvements
• New vessels
• New siege weapons of the Celtic people

0 A.D. 1.0 Alpha 4 Daedalus 0-ad-10-alpha-4-daedalus 0-ad-1-dot-0-alpha-4-daedalus 0-ad-1-punkt-0-alpha-4-daedalus

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